Maybe Back to School? Wedgies and swirlies, oh my!

Tomorrow I go to talk to an Administration Specialist about getting into college and trying to get financial aid to work on getting a Bachelor’s degree, than an Associate Degree and eventually a Doctorate.  Still not sure what to specialize in yet, although I know I want to focus on computer related material since it’s my main job and I tend to do well in computer areas and work on some journalism/creative writing classes to help with my side-job/hobby of writing.

I have to admit, I’m apprehensive about the meeting.  Although I can’t say for certain why.

I also want to get enough financial aid to pick up a MacBook Pro for school.  I’ve had Windows machines for decades, and I can tell everyone I tend to focus more on the subject while working on a Mac than a Windows box for some reason.  For example: Writing on a Windows machine ends up with me looking through Wikipedia for strange crap not related to the writing research, while writing on a Mac had me 60,000 words in a month for NaNoWriMo.  I’m convinced it couldn’t be accomplished with a Windows box.  Right now, my budget doesn’t allow for a MacBook, unless I hook a bluetooth keyboard and mouse up to my iPad, which is great for notes, but difficult (especially without an external keyboard) for writing longer instances.

Primarily I want to go back to school to learn some of the newer technologies in Computer Science and Engineering fields and fill in all the little gaps for writing.  The rest of it can go to hell.

No offense.




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