Free Books. Exciting? Why not?

Quick note: with this title, the spam-bots should LOOOOOOVE me.

If you like reading books, and you should, who can turn down free books?

There’s a website called The Frugal eReader at ( who gives away free ebooks from amazon a few times a week and sometimes a few times a day.

Granted, most of these books are ones I wouldn’t have downloaded, read, or bought if given a choice, but a free book is a free book, right?  What better way to read what everyone else is writing about by looking into the current works on the internet’s library for free?

If you don’t know what an ebook is, it is an electronic copy of a real paper book.  You typically need an e-reader (such as the free Amazon Kindle software) to view these works.  Registration is free at Amazon and you can download the software for whatever platform you wish to read books.  I have it installed on my BlackBerry, iTouch, iPad, MacBook and three Windows machines, in case I’m somewhere without one or the others.

The software is free, the books are free, and there’s even a hook from the frugal ereader site to tie their thread into your facebook line so you can check what books are cheap each day.

I wish I would have thought of that.




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