Asshats and Beta Readers.

I listen to a podcast regarding writing hosted by Mur Lafferty called “I Should Be Writing.”  It’s a great podcast about questions and interviews revolving around the hectic world of writing non-fiction.  It’s on iTunes, subscribe to it, you’ll thank yourself later – if you’re a writer or want to know more about the dirty side of it all.

In two of the more recent feedback episodes, two users wrote in to say they had finished a manuscript and given it to trusted people to evaluate and offer constructed criticism back to the authors.  In both cases, the “professionals” laughed at or told the newbs to stop writing all together.

To the people (some of these were real teachers,) shame on you.  You are nothing more than prepubescent asshats who don’t deserve the credit of reading beginning prose.  We all make mistakes.  We’re NEW.  You can’t take a toddler and whip them until they mow the lawn.  It’s not going to happen.  Nurture, build, help, for Christs’ sake actually give information you promised to give in the first place.  It’s pathetic to call yourself professional when you step on those around you asking for help.

On a related note, I’m looking into participating with some online writing groups/workshops to help out with problems I know I have with writing and use this as a way to better experience the reviewing side of the writing business while helping myself at the same time.  Given me being sick and not having much time due to everyone in my house being sick, I haven’t looked further than Google + and some writing circles.

If I come across any worthwhile ones in my travels, I’ll be sure to post them here so others can join in the fun as well.

I’m also thinking about emailing Mur and asking if the two un-named people would mind me reading their work so I can give them something to work with and a decent place to start.




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