How to feel like a MORON.

Yes, I know, two post in one day.  The world isn’t coming to an end (yet) and the sky isn’t falling (that I’m aware of.)  I work for a large corporation supporting another large corporation and we take 40+ hours of supplemental training each year to “further our educational quest to become more profitable.”  Or something along those lines to keep contract holders happy.

Today I logged into the training website and searched for any and everything to do with writing and the English language which will help me as a writer.  Classes which will add the necessary manure to my flower pots of ideas.  I proceeded to sign up for over thirty classes to help, aid and prove I am truly not an idiot.

Grammar 101 can suck my…

I’ve written a few books, a handful of short stories and articles for the web since 1998.  As I sit here typing these words into this cheesy WordPress editor, I feel like the biggest dumbass, having almost made it through the first section of the course with a whopping 6%.  Not 6% finished, but 6% CORRECT on all the tests and exams up to this point.

I had to stop and look around for a second to find my brain since I’m not sure where it went.  Maybe I left it on the toilet roll holder in the bathroom?

Until further notice, I wont write any prose until I master this nonsense – even the stuff for the Legal side of the business, since I can’t have 6% floating in my eye-slime as I attempt to come up with plot and world-building stuff while I’m secretly getting tripped up on plural nouns and plural verbs and my arch-enemy: PASSIVE VOICE.

I’m sure I’ll calm down during the drive home through rush-hour traffic.  6%.  Heh.




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