Day 2: Complaining like only I know how

The twins are asleep and Marissa grabbed Jack to go watch the Hunger Games at one of the local theaters with her while I “relaxed.”

While i’m waiting for the podcast to start on widescreen, I decided to check in here and give an update on the detox. I did have one cigarette, but still no pop or caffeine at all. My head is throbbing like a teenage boy’s loins catching a glimpse of a teacher’s cleavage, but not in a good way. I can still hear my heartbeat in my eardrums and have a craving for any and all types of food. I even went as far as to finish off the crumbs in a bag of chips which have sat crushed under a pile of other stuff in pantry since last summer.

Speaking of chips, the new Taco Bell Doritos taco is pure unadulterated evil and you should go get one now. Pick me up a few as well, if you could.

Blizzard was kind enough to grant me access to the new Mists of Pandaria expansion for Warcraft, and I created a new monk and played for about an hour. I hate to say it, but Pandaria is much more fun and exciting than Cataclysm was. It’s nice to see Blizzard back to their old selves-making fun games and not taking themselves too seriously.

I’m going to go see if the Skype line is opened for the podcast yet, I’ll write more later and let everyone know how the rest of the day went.

And I really don’t like the keyboard on this iPad. I think I’m going to break down and pick up the wireless Bluetooth keyboard so I can type.



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