End of Day 1: Still not hating the world – Yet.

Here it is, the end of day one with no caffeine, nicotine, carbonated drinks or whatever else the doctor told me to avoid.  It’s difficult to remember what the hell to not do when everything they tell you to do is what you do every damn day.  If they would tell me no sex and video games, I might have shot myself.  Of course, I’d need a gun, which the fine state of Michigan won’t grant me since I have “mental instability issues,” in other words, I’m medicated.

Tally at the end of day one: No caffeine, two cigarettes, no pop (side rant: up here in Michigan, we call “soda” the more simplified word of “Pop.”  Down south it’s called Coke and up in New England area it’s called soda.  I’m using my localized vernacular since I was born here in Detroit and Faygo makes a great product called “Red Pop.”  Not Red Soda or Red Coke.  All pop/coke/soda is the same no matter where else you go drink it, it’s carbonated beverages made from syrup and some flavoring with a form of digestible acid which is the killer in my case.  If you’re really upset about me calling it pop, take a number from the grenade over there by my size 18 boots and I’ll kick you later.)  However, I think me drinking water, juice and only having two smokes all day is one hell of an improvement.

The problem being this: my head is full of pain.  Let me put it this way: press your fingers into your eye sockets until you see little white swirly things in your field of vision, that’s what is going on when I try to focus now. If this article is full of mistyping and bad grammar/spelling, please notice I’m not looking at the screen while I’m typing.  I’m not looking at my fingers either, however I’m trying to focus on the dark green wall on the opposite side of this table – it hurts less and my eyes don’t water so much as they do in the light from the LCD panel.

Marissa and I went to Art Van tonight to look at new mattresses instead of going to see the Hunger Games, which I was glad to do since I have a fear of crowds and the Hunger Games is supposed to be breaking all types of money records this weekend – it wouldn’t surprise me if they blew over $150mil the opening weekend.  The sales rep at Art Van (Tim, great guy,) had us lay down on a TemperPedic mattress which was just over $3000 and we didn’t want to leave.  Of course we couldn’t get credit or else I would have dragged one home and would have laid down on that new super-awesome-comfy mattress instead of sitting down here sipping on a Guinness and trying to get the dogs to stop barking in my head.  Maybe it is a good thing we didn’t get approved for the mattress – $3000 is a lot of Taco Bell and 360 games.

We also didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot.  The last drawing was when the pot was $290mil and tonight it’s up to $356mil.  Sadly, the first thing I would do is pay off my bills and buy a new Mac Book Pro, the kind with the Intel I7 and 8gb of memory..  I enjoy my Mac Book Air, but I would love one with a bit more juice.  I’ve played the beta for World of Warcraft – Panda Life and the MBA could use some more power.

Christ this headache is bad.  I’m going to finish this beer and get to bed.  Tomorrow is another day and the withdrawal symptoms should start kicking in, so we’ll see how fun I am to be around tomorrow.  Also, it’s the 300th episode of Widescreen Warrior’s Weekly Blend podcast if you want to live chat with me and the other authors, we’ll be on at 4pm EST making fun of each other…  Feel free to drop by and call us names!




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