Cars suck and the selling of my soul.

The 300 problems started acting up again on I-75 a few days after Keith and I cleaned the throttle body.  I’m not sure what to do next.  I know I need to put the new crank sensor on and to carry out the task I need to find/buy a floor jack since the 300m sits lower than most God-fearing cars and won’t work with my old-ass ramps.

The 300m engine cuts out on deceleration and sometimes sputters on acceleration.  It still isn’t throwing any codes which is unusual but not unheard of from Chrysler works-of-art.  My good friend James is leaning towards the timing belt and everything under the cam housing which is a pain in the ass to say the least and one entire day taking the front end of an engine apart, while Keith is saying it sounds more like the fuel pump which sits inside the gas tank (once again, God-fearing Chrysler…) and is easier to replace, but is $200 at autozone or $150 at if my impatient mind-set can wait until wed for delivery.

Cars are great.  They’re brilliant designs and sexy architecture of what man has accomplished in over 100 years.  However, when they start to fail and there’s no rhyme or reason why they’re failing, it makes me want to go up to Henry Ford VIII and kick him square in the tailpipe.  (I don’t know if there is a Henry Ford VIII – if there is, please understand it’s only frustration talking.)  The way I work, I haven’t had much time to do other things other than focus on trying to solve the 300m problem.

I think I’ll call my dad in the morning and let him be the deciding factor.  He’ll probably tell me to do both, however I want/need another opinion since trusty google has let me down in this task.

In writing news, I wrote my first query letter for Kitt Katt – Not a Comic Book and sent it to a handful of select agents who enjoy urban fantasy.  A trash-talking polydactyl cat who lives in futuristic Detroit is urban fantasy, right?  There’s no romance…well, there is, but not with Kitt.  Anyway, the point is I wanted to try to talk to some agents and get their opinion on what’s next.  I’ve always done things my goofy way, but I suck at pimping myself – as cocky as I am, it’s true.

So naturally, every email I get I jump over the twins toys to check.  Of course it’s all spam and video game emails.

Oh yeah, I also downloaded the beta for DOTA2 if anyone else is playing.  Steam ID is drchristallant.

I should get to bed.  I have a feeling the twins will wake up early tomorrow.




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