300M Problems.

Lucky me. I had to enlist the aid of my friends James and Keith to assist in the repair of the mighty Chrysler 300 problems, I mean 300M. The car would stall while I drove at high speeds and let off the gas, so unless I kept driving faster and faster, she would stall. I’m not one to deem a car male or female, however she’s purple. If the 300 problems is male, he’s a happy purple car. Anyway, after some deep investigative research, otherwise known as “the Google,” I came to a list of causes for the engine malfunction. The easiest was the replacement of the cam and crank shaft sensors. I should rephrase the last sentence: the crank shaft sensor is under the car somewhere buried under dirt and 125,000 miles of road poo, while the cam sensor is right up front of the engine. I found the cam sensor after taking apart the top half of the engine. The crank sensor I still have on the workbench in the garage.

What ended up being the culprit was the throttle body being clogged beyond belief. Keith told me it sounds like the engine isn’t getting enough air and came by to help take the throttle body off the manifold to clean the unit and the piston assembly which was stuck in the throttle body itself. After a good soaking in carb cleaner and a scrubbing with a toothbrush, we put it back together and tested it out. I’m pretty sure the throttle body was the problem all along. She started and drove smooth down my normal I-75 south work route.

After working on this car all week, I can tell all the owners of older 300 problems, trade the damn thing in and buy a Jeep Cherokee instead. They’re easier to work on.

I’ll write more about other things going on later. I caught the cold going around and feel like anus right now.



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