My apologies, update, and much love to Editors.

I want to send a quick apology since my free time has been divided between sick kids, getting game reviews started, and trying to edit the latest draft of Kitt Katt.  I’ve re-written the entire manuscript three times now, and the final chapter has been re-written seven times.  Trying to get these words right to paint the right final picture is a bitch.

I swear I can almost quote this damn book.

I’m still thinking about ideas for what to write next, however I want to make sure Kitt Katt is as perfect as it can be before I send it out to the beta readers.  Speaking of which, if you’d like to correct me and call me stupid, let me know and I’ll let you read it before anyone else and you can help with the final edit with me.

By the way, I have to give editors more credit than I knew they ever deserved.  Editing a book is an insane undertaking and has driven me to the point of saying “screw it” more time than I’d like to admit.  At least, more than I say “screw it” on a normal day.

I also know anything I’ve written before Kitt Katt will have to undergo some very deep and viscous editing before it’s in a more logical and read-able state.  To those people who have read “Book 1,” or “Tempt the Fates,” I apologize ahead of time and will work on making them better.  Editing is something I’ve not spent much time on before and it shows.  My hat goes off to any editor busting their calloused fingers to create the masterpieces many of us read every day.

I hope the work I put into “Kitt Katt: The Novel” will make people laugh and enjoy a good story about a futuristic version of Detroit under a communist and religious regime.

Now: back to editing.  (I’m also on a training class, however I haven’t paid much attention to what’s going on and couldn’t tell you what it’s about.)



P.S. Weedy words, passive voice and adverbs can all go to hell and burn in a fiery death


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