Kirstie Alley and a long overdue rant. @kirstiealley

I don’t rant often.  Some people may go as far as to say I don’t rant enough.  However, I had to say something since I’m tired of lame excuses people give to go off on tirades about others for no reason.  /begin rant:

Some random facts about me:

  • I HATE stupid people. (Notice “hate” was in all caps?  It means I’m serious, punky.)
  • I think judging people by merit and friendliness, not size, age or color, is more beneficial to everyone involved.
  • You smelt it, you dealt it.  Also, stop coming down from other floors to use our bathroom.  (This is a work complaint.  I’ll explain in more detail if anyone gives a damn.)
  • Speaking of work: people who don’t say “Goodbye” or some sort of finalizing greeting on the phone annoy me.  I don’t know when to hang up!  This is more of a pet peeve for myself to deal with.  I’ll add it to the growing list of other pet peeves.
  • I get along with everyone, regardless of my first impression about them.  If you go out of your way to piss me off or make me look like a douche in front of others for your own gain, I’ll make sure you know it one way or another.  (And no, I wasn’t singing a Blondie song…well, I am now…)
  • Even people in the past who I’ve fallen out with over time I still consider friends.  I watch my stuff closer when they come over, but we’re still buds.  Male or female.  The older we become, the wiser and wider we become.
  • Looks, size, hairstyle, and all that “Hollywood” bullshit can change in a few weeks into a new person.  Don’t make a lifetime of stupid mistakes by bad-mouthing someone because of a few pounds or an ill-fitting dress choice.
Here’s my thought and I’ll leave it at this: If you don’t like the way someone looks: size, weight, style, color, etc, Please don’t tell that person to their face what you think.  You’re not going to change their view on life with some random negative comment from a complete stranger.  In other words, how would you like someone to walk up to you and say they don’t like the way your hair looks?  Even if you shrug it off as a lame attack, part of that seed sticks in your brain and soon you’re looking through hair style magazines trying to picture your mug shot on the faces of new hairdo’s in a salon.  Three words your cardiologist will tell you might save your life: “Let it go.”
Case in Point:

I follow a few movie stars on Twitter, one of my favorite being Kirstie Alley.  I have a good friend named Kirsten, so I know I’m probably one of the few who know how to pronounce her name with the correct vernacular.  (Keer-st-inn)  However, today I looked at her website since I’m curious about the program she’s running called Organic Liaison which is a weight loss program designed with coaches and a full online support system to help the end-user (if I’m speaking in computer-lingo, I apologize) lose weight in a healthy way and keep the weight off by continuing to perform the regimen throughout life, not as a one time binge and purge.  As someone who is 6′ 6″ and anywhere between 240 and 325 (I stopped standing on the Wii Fit board because it still makes the damn “Awww” sound when I step on,) I’m curious about the different types of weight management systems out there.  Well, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on her too, but I don’t want to get into details.

I also know Kirstie has made her plight with weight management more publicized as of late with television shows and such and I wanted to see how she’s been doing with her new “100 Days of Dance” bit also.

As for a strong person who can take whatever the Hollywood dick-writers say and shrug it all off and still look amazing despite size or shape while running her own businesses and television shows, I think Kirstie Alley is a better role model than most of the current role models we have our children look up to today.

Bottom Line: Fat people, skinny people, short people, tall people, people with giant heads (not the head you’re thinking about, Ron Jeremy has those guys working for his production team,) stand up taller today (or duck in my case) and give everyone a giant middle finger for making you feel as though you don’t measure up to some hypothetical standard which doesn’t, will never, has never, and won’t ever exist.

Besides, the people you’re trying to impress might like the way you are, BECAUSE of the way you are.  In truth and at the end of the night, the only person you need to impress is yourself.

Like my dad said: “It takes all kinds to make a world.  Otherwise the evening news would be the same show every night.” (You’ll have to say it in your head with a thick southern accent.  I tried to type it but my spell-check started playing Dueling Banjos.)

/end rant



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