Woah is me.

When I wrote the title, how many of you thought of Joey Lawrence saying “Woah!”?  You’re welcome.

A few things I’ve noticed since my month-long vacation are as follows:

  • I don’t write novels anymore, I only rewrite ones I’ve written in the past.  It’s like falling down steps and forcing yourself to fall again so you find the way that hurts the least.
  • Games like StarWars: The Old Republic are closer to crack than I’d like to admit.  I’d rather be Jedi-ing,
  • I tweet on twitter more than I’d like to admit.  I noticed this after putting a #tag in a corporate email.
  • Cheap-Ass games are some of the dumbest games in the history of gaming.  See my post on Widescreenwarrior.com for Amy.
  • Steam, Origin and GOG.com will bankrupt me unless I stop going to the sites and going “Oooooh!  I haven’t played THAT!”
  • e-Cig’s hurt my throat.  Not sure why.  I assume it’s because I’m inhaling ipod farts.

I’m also looking for people who might want to beta test Kitt Katt for me.  I need people who are brutally honest with grammar and plot holes in specific.  I’m almost done with the third re-write and want to have this turd polished to the point of diamond-like brilliance.  If you’re interested, shoot me a message or hit me up on StarWars – the Old Republic.  I’m on most nights.  New title is “Jedi Hic.”




One thought on “Woah is me.

  1. Counter-referenced: I actually thought of the dog Snowy from Herge’s Tintin series, whose barks were always rendered as “woah! woah!”

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