Smoking and Drugs. – Open letter to my Wife.

I doubt my wife will read this, but I’d like to put some facts out here anyway:

I smoke cigarettes. I first started after my mom died and quit when I first met my second wife, Marissa. I started back up roughly a year ago due to the quick relief it gave me from my daily migraines, but Marissa was never keen on my smoking.

To clarify something many people may or may not know about me: I don’t use drugs. I tend to get very depressed and suicidal after trying weed, I’ve never used any other halucigen like acid or whatever the rest of them are called and the only “recreation drug” I’ve used without any ill effect has been salvia; which I believe is legal, but I haven’t used any in years.

Maybe it’s because of how naturally strange I am, but many people believe I did/do drugs. I don’t know why or how they came to this idea, but it’s discerning since I honestly don’t. The only drugs I take are prescriptions for depression, bipolar disorder and sleeping, and the sleeping bit isn’t a drug, its a melatonin supplement to help my brain turn off.

To sum up or turn this into the “TL;DR” section, I don’t use drugs, not because I have anything against them since many friends use them for valid purposes, they’re just not for me. Plain and simple.

However, Marissa has never liked me smoking. So, she created a new years resolution for me by buying me an electronic cigarette to go from rolling my own to using a mini-vaporizer to inhale the nicotine used to help the headaches.

If Marissa is reading this, I would like to say that I will give it a shot. Because of my gaming habit, along with the ipad and the purchase of Star Wars and to help her feel better about the rampant cancer in my family, I will do my damndest to stop smoking conventional cigarettes and stick to this e-cig for migraine relief. It may take a few days to adjust, but I want you to know I am taking this seriously and will do the best I can. I have the willpower, I just need to remember where I left it.

If you want me to delete this post, let me know. I don’t like dirty laundry in public, however this is more of a public promise than anything negative.



3 thoughts on “Smoking and Drugs. – Open letter to my Wife.

  1. All I want is for you to stick around as long as possible. Call me selfish, but yea cancer scares the s**t out of me and we both have been very closely affected by it over the years by close family and friends. I never want to see you suffer through it and will do whatever it takes to avoid you getting it. Unfortunately this is the part of being married that’s a b*t*h, because someone loves you as much if not more than you love yourself. And because of that intense love (that is in itself like a drug) you are subjected to unending attempts to keep you alive and well, because your spouse is committed to the “till death do us part” vow but not without first torturing you for your own good! ;p

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