Tech Updating

I’m writing this on a Blackberry Bold 9930 on Verizon and I recently received a notice about a system update to the core OS. Like the techy nerd I am, I accepted. Four hours later, my phone is wiped, the restore user data failed and I had to hook the device back up Desktop Manager to restore from a backup I wisely took the beginning of the week. Needless to say, I had to reinstall all my old software which involves me remembering 20 passwords to strange apps I loaded once and never used but planned on using in the future.

The sad part of this story, is two weeks ago I upgraded the Android OS on my Galaxy S2 from AT&T to 2.3.6 and saw my battery life chopped in half. I’m not looking forward to what “benefits” this new bb os offers.

Rule of thumb, and a rule I should follow more often: if it aint broke, don’t fugg with it.



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