The Old Republic

I created a trooper on the Shadowlands server (Hymenstra) and created a Sith Warrior on the Saber of Exar Kun server (Tallant.). I know, names are super-original, not.

Other than the extensive login wait times, the only noticeable thing I’ve, well, noticed, is the talking and elaborate orchestration for each quest tends to be a bit much. If each quest takes 30 seconds to listen to the guy talk, then you’ve wasted a good amount of time just watching people talk.

Other than that, the game plays like a standard mmo should play-which is to say it is engrossing and addictive. The fact you’re sitting in a Star Wars world is more familiar than many other franchises, possibly with the exception of Lord of the Rings.

Okay, I’m flying to Coruscant, time to leave.



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