Time Sucks.

Myself and my time is sliced into small sections of life I like to categorize as “to do’s.”  The following is what happens every day and some within others fragments of time:

  • Want to do
  • Need to do
  • Have to do
  • Should be doing

For example: I know I’m supposed to write or at least add to the script from nanowrimo.  I also would rather play a game or sleep.  I need to write an article on Forsaken World for the Cheap-Ass games on WidescreenWarrior, and I want to sit and watch stand-up comedians on Netflix.

I have more ideas to fill out the story of Kitt Katt, so I’ve been taking notes to remind myself since I have the memory of an ADD toddler, and I also started two new stories and know I could easily write more if given the time.  Of course, “given the time” is nonsense, since everyone has the same amount of time every day and it seems I’m the only one complaining about not having enough to do everything I want to do.  I should also start designing a cover for Kitt Katt, but I don’t need to now, so I can wait on that issue.

My issue of time management is more along the lines of “what needs to get done NOW” and go from there.  From my perspective, I tend to do better at tasks if I set myself a limit or a goal and aim for the end zone.  The problem I tend to face is when I have too much going on, I let all of it slip away and do what I want since “I can’t possibly do it all in the short amount of time” downward spiral.  It sometimes ends up being an issue, but eventually I’ll get it all done.




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