My Next Project (and more ramblings)

I’m planning my next book as a young adult novel targeted to kids between the ages of 7-12.  I don’t know if this age group has a class or literary category, since I believe anyone with a “teen” after their age are known as Young Adult, and anything before that seems listed as “easy reader.”

A friend of mine Neil Gaiman asked a few weeks ago on twitter if there were any books geared towards this demographic and not many responses proves this as a gap.

The reason I want to write this book is due to an incident at my children’s school involving both my son and daughter and I don’t know if it will be a chapter book around 50,000 words or to make it easier to read so more people can follow it at a younger age.  I’m still throwing around ideas and such about layout and graphics, which I’ll draw myself if needed, but I want to keep the words and points short and basic without too many underlying or twisting plot points.  Kind of like a short story but targeted towards a more specific demographic than my “Tempt the Fates” story.

In other writing news, my daughter read “Tempt the Fates” and enjoyed it so much she wants me to write a sequel to the book and continue the story.  I’ve come up with a name of “Twist the Fates” but I haven’t checked to see if there’s any disambiguation between other media sources.

I know I have the novel I wrote back in August to edit, so now I’m sitting on two novels to edit and at least get a second draft on paper, but I’ll let Kitt Katt sit for a few while some people take some time and tell me their first impressions before I start cutting it up and rework the scenes.

I apologize if I seem like I’m rambling, I’m sitting in a meeting and everyone’s talking at such a high-level, I’d feel more comfortable if I had a parachute.

If anyone feels like chatting or talking about anything including writing, feel free to email me and let me know what’s going on!




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