Here I sit, 51765 words (according to the nanowrimo website) and the novel is complete!  First draft anyway.  There’s still a ton to clean up and all that goodness, but I set out to do it, and I won.

As Charlie Sheen has beaten the phrase to death: “Winning.”

So, The Adventures of Kitt Katt will be re-drafted, polished and posted online in the next few months.

Thanks to everyone who I met during this ordeal, and thanks for everyone who (doesn’t know it yet, but) involved themselves somehow in my novel.  Jack and Jeff, you two played large roles and helped save the city of New Detroit.

Anyway, I thought I would post the picture of the winner tag from the website in proof I beat the deadline by doing 51,000 words in 28 days, while still having a full-time job, twin one-year-old, a writing job at and the podcast for “Shall We Play A Game.”  Big thanks to Rafe for cutting me some slack on getting articles in this month.

And to everyone else still pounding out words, let me know if you need help and maybe I can lend a hand!




3 thoughts on “Nano WINNING

  1. Congrats, man!

    The Black God’s War was a NaNo novel in 2009. It took me about three months to write the first draft, and about 21 more months to rework it into something I considered publishable (but I’m slower than most. 🙂

  2. Moses… Isn’t Black Gods War up there with close to 150,000 words? Don’t get me wrong, it’s by far an excellent story and in the running for one of my favorite stories this year, but Christ, man.. 150k in a MONTH?

    And I thought I had a caffeine problem..

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