NaNoWriMo update

Well, I’m still doing my nanowrimo project and still somewhat keeping my head above water, only barely. The “writing every day” idea is difficult to manage when life screams at you around every corner and throws wrenches from alleys into your spokes.

I won’t get into details (ran over something, hoping it wasn’t a body, which made me have to replace not only a tire but the wheel as well,) everyone has troubles of their own.

Between work, four kids, game reviews, (I apologize about the lack of cheap-ass game articles…the ones I’ve been trying to play suck ass and aren’t worth writing about,) life has a tendency to enjoy “kicking in the groin” when one is down. Add depression to the mix and you have a full featured novel on its own.

At the very least, a horrible sitcom.

I also found out Amazon won’t let me put up Tempt the Fates for free (thank you six people who bought it,) so I’m going to figure out a way to make it free through here or some other way. A 12,000 word kids YA story shouldn’t be .99 cents in my opinion.

But that’s why I’m broke: I suck at marketing.

Maybe I should get an agent…



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