The Problem with Writing…

Everyone who is a writer has been asked during interviews or whatever what it is that gives them the freedom to write. The answer is usually the same:

Shut up and write.

Many published authors still have full-time jobs, a house full of kids and the same things keeping them away from the creative keyboard you and I do. They find the time to write every day.

Lunchtime, during bus rides or while the kids are eating dinner. Before bed, waking up early or however they find the time.

The point is, they find the time. An hour a day will be slow at first, but its a start. A page a day is better, but you still are writing something down, even if its rubbish.

Time isn’t your enemy – how you use time is the trick to writing.



One thought on “The Problem with Writing…

  1. Hi, i agree how you use time is very important. If you waste it, its gone for good. I think we can be our own enemy sometimes by doubting ourselves so much we don’t start.
    A page a day is good. Sometimes I don’t even get a page a week 🙂

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