NaNoWriMo day 6.

I started off slow on the nanowrimo event, making sure the story moved but still held my own attention. However, now I believe a story I started to write three months ago is trying to sneak into this one.

I stopped writing the older story due to not being able to get into the bad guy’s head the way I wanted to, and I realized I was doing more telling and not showing so I stopped writing it and ended up writing the short story Tempt the Fates.

Now, however as the story is progressing, I’m find elements of the older story seeping in. I’m not sure if I should let this happen since I wanted the nanowrimo story to be new and fresh or if this is my stupid subconscious telling me another way to tell the story I stalled at.

I don’t like getting too political or religious in a tale, so I’m not sure what to do since the new story has nothing to do with the old one or keep going and see where the chain of thought takes me.

Any thoughts?



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