PC v Mac v STFU

I’ve seen a lot of tech in my time, a lot of different systems and devices and I enjoy using all different types of devices. The one thing which annoys me more than anything else is the constant bitching about what’s a better platform.

Apple, Android, Google, Microsoft, WebOS, Windows, OSX, PS3, Xbox, Wii – they all do the same damn thing. Think about it. All you’re buying into is a company’s operating system.

That’s it, nothing more. You can stop arguing now.

Really. Stop. You’re getting on my nerves and everyone else who knows the truth.

You want a phone? Buy one that comes with applications you’ll use most. I bet most people with iPhones don’t use 90% of the device’s potential power. Same goes for game systems: buy ones which play games you want to play – not the hottest this year. Its stupid and pointless to argue.

The operating system on a device runs specific games and applications. Look for the one you will benefit the most from. If you only want to watch netflix and have a laptop, don’t buy an iPad. I can’t get more clearer than that.

And stop thinking one is better than the other. Tech constantly grows so the newest is going to be the fastest with the most memory…that’s why you spent so damn much on it in the first place.

Bottom line: look at what you want to do and go from there. Brand loyalty is elitist and annoying to everyone around you who knows better.



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