Complete Foot Story

Since everyone is asking for it, here’s the complete rundown of how I got my black stormtrooper boot for my injured foot:
Friday night I went to take out the recyclables and the kitchen to the “mud room” or small platform where the coats hang is three normal steps. I grabbed everything to throw outside and put my left foot on the first step, my ankle twisted sideways and all 250lbs of my fat ass landed on the side of my foot and my head bashed into the wall facing the door. At first, after the initial shock and pain, I figured it was just a sprain. I played basketball and hockey for 15+ years so I’m used to these normal events.

Saturday morning I woke up to a foot I couldn’t put any pressure on, was swollen on the top of the foot, around the toes and the entire ankle. I had my friend Jack take me to the E.R. who proceeded to take x-rays and inject me with Vicodin. Breakfast of Champions. They splinted the ankle and wrapped it with an ace bandage.

Sunday, the hospital called and said an expert had looked at the x-rays and determined there was more there the original on-call doctor didn’t see. He suggested I go to a podiatrist and have it looked at by experts.

Monday, I woke up to have my foot four different colors a standard foot shouldn’t be, and called the podiatrist who told me to come in. I had more x-rays done and he pointed out seven fractures in the foot and the ankle area along with “bone fragments” which are small particles of bone floating in the fluid surrounding the foot itself. He said I could have surgery to remove the fragments, but it would put me on bed rest for six weeks and be very painful, or I could try this “air-boot” which is a foam and polyurethane “cast” that I can remove and walk on, and it also has air bladder in the sides and top of the foot area so my calf would be taking the pressure off the foot when I walked. I opted for that. I’m lucky they had a XXL boot since I wear a size 18 shoe.

However, he also gave me a script for Vicodin 750 which are the big bad mama jammy of hydrocodone meds.. so I’ve been out of it for a few days and can’t sit still despite not being able to walk much.



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