Damned if I breathe.

It seems as though I’m surrounded by people who don’t want me to succeed or to do what I enjoy doing. Tonight, my wife sat down and told me I shouldn’t participate in nanowrimo since it’ll take away from family time and cut into me watching the kids and doing things around the house.


It’s bad enough I have myself to fight with myself to get motivated, now I have to fight off loved ones as well? Sheesh.

Well, hon. I guess I’ll write when it doesn’t bother anyone and interfere with anyone’s pre-set schedule. Maybe at work during lunch or something along those lines. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with a way. Not like my wife will ever read this.

Almost makes me want to cry. Too late.

I think I will do the suicidal story after all… I’m definitely in the mood for it now. Ex wife hates me cause of the stupid open letter I wrote last week and now my wife is telling me to stop writing. Again.


Not sure what else I can do. Stop doing what I enjoy and just be the puppy dog in the family or stand up and fight for what I think I deserve. Oh well, I’m already wrong since I own the penis.

Damned-if-I-do-any thingy,


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