Small history lesson about me.

I used to draw comic books during high school. Friends loved them, but I only thought of them as silly things and goofy ways to tell a story about smart-assed characters who picked on the narrator.

I had Kitt Katt which was a cat with thumbs who could take down bad guys with the help of his sister, I also had a guy named The Revenger who had an axe shoved between his knuckles and finally I had a girl named Seraph who was a stripper by night who fought crime during the day.

Kitt Katt was by far everyone’s favorite, since it was funny stories and picked on just about everything around me at the time. Part of me wants to introduce Kitt Katt to the rest of the world for my novel selection this coming November. The other part of me wants to do something a bit more serious or tackle a more serious topic. The last part of me wants to sleep.

If I can come up with a good story arc for Kitt Katt in the next few days, I think I might un-mothball him and write the new novel about one of his adventures. It might be nice to rebuild his world and go from there.

Any thoughts, world?



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