What makes a good writer better?

Someone asked me while I was sick over the weekend what makes a good writer great? I didn’t answer the person immediately because I’m not sure any great writer believes they are indeed “great.”. Most writers I know are the typical flawed creative-types who are more depressed and control more inner demons than they’ll ever let on. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Musicians, artists, anyone “creative” are very similar. We all pretend to be normal but secretly create worlds we would rather be in, doing things we create others to do and live vicariously through the works.

Its normal. We all do it.

So what makes one great? I can’t tell you since there’s no definitive answer. If its making money, or just having your name out there, everyone measures success different. This is especially true for anyone creative since we don’t like to think in normal means.

I had to change what the question-asked asked into: what makes good writers better?

That question is easy to quantify: tell good stories in a manner of text the most amount of people can appreciate. To get better, write and read more to get the words out of your mind and down on paper.

Its as easy as that.

I’m off to bed, too tired to write any more.

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