Can’t Sleep.

Thursday evening I came down with a fever, unusual for me, but a high fever at 101.  I took some meds and headed off to bed, to sleep around 14 hours with a few bathroom breaks in between.

Friday was a bit different, with cold shivers and hot flashes, so I either have a mild version of the flu, or I’m going through menopause.

Since I’m theoretically writing this Saturday Morning, seeing as it’s already 5:30am, I can’t go to sleep.  Not sure why.  My brain won’t turn off and none of the usual tricks have worked.  Of course, a normal sure-fire way to get me sleepy is alcohol and I haven’t drank anything due to my stomach being strange these past few days.

I did get to watch of bit of the original Coupling by Steven Moffat.  Brilliant show if you haven’t watched any before, but make sure it’s the BBC UK version, since the US version was canned after 4 shows (and rightfully so – the show was a line-for-line rip off with canned laughter from NBC.)  I made it through the first two seasons before the wife decided to go to bed and I turned the PS3 to play a hockey game.

A bit of warning: NHL 2K7 was 2.99 at gamestop and there’s a very good reason for this price.  The game sucks.  I feel ashamed my ps3 had to endure such garbage and deleted the save game files and settings off the internal.  A coaster is too good a death for NHL 2K7, that would imply it being useful.  I’ll toss it in the fireplace when we turn the logs on this winter.  I don’t want anyone else to experience the brutal crap-fest 2K sports shat out.

Well, I guess I’ll go have another smoke..  I can feel myself sweating again.  Great.  By the time I go to bed, the sun will have already come up.



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