Tempt the Fates

As you read this, smashwords.com is putting the short story out on all the major resellers lists while amazon.com is selling the book straight off the website.

I should feel elated, but I know this is only the beginning of a huge journey and I need to get my ass in gear and get the rest of the ideas down on paper or at least crammed into evernote.

I think I’ll feel better when an actual novel hits and I get more attention from the work rather than my friends… While friend praise is great, I’m only looking to tell stories and learn what I can do to improve as a writer, not how many books I can sell. I want to tell stories, not worry about the profit margin and stuff I have no interest in. It might be nice to make a living selling stories, but I don’t see it as anything other than pocket change for the time being.

Until then, I’ll keep talking with and making friends who enjoy writing for writing…



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