A Christian…

Christianity has been around for thousands of years: fact.

Their main purpose in the faith is their one God who forgives them of all their sins: false.

I can count on one hand the number of people who both call themselves Christians and follow the “rules” of the faith.

The main problem is the rules aren’t clarified anywhere in the Bible. I refuse to call the book “Holy” because it contradicts itself and turns followers into hateful people who believe they get a “Get out of jail free” card when they ask for forgiveness.

I believe if you do good things and treat people with respect and kindness, they should do the same.

But too many people think they’re in the right because they have the Bible on their side and act like assholes to everyone around them and still believe they have a right to call themselves Christians.

“Love thine neighbor as yourself” is the only part of the Bible relevant today. The rest are common sense rules or nonsense fairy tales which might have held ground 2000 years ago, but are nothing more than reasons to be selfish to family and friends. Grow up.

Forgive, but never forget.



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