Suicidal Mood.

Honestly, I would love nothing better to do than eat every strange medicine I can find in this house and not wake up.  Severely depressed.  Wife is demanding I get in touch with a doctor who is being a bitch to get ahold of and talk to him about more stupid migraine testing, specifically PFO and experimental surgery the insurance doesn’t cover to test and find out if there’s a hole in my heart causing migraines.

The sad part about all this, since I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this – or anything I’ve written for that matter, is I need to go back to acting and shut my damn pie hole and pretend everything is fine and peachy and let the rot from inside eat me alive.

Sorry to bum anyone out, just wish I could catch a break and not have all this pressure in my head.  Good thing I can’t own a gun or this room would look different and might need a fresh coat of paint.




P.S.  The MiFi from Verizon is working fine.  Whooptiedoo.

P.P.S.  By the time I wake up, I’ll forget I ever felt this way and never knew I was this bummed.  Hence me writing it down here.


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