Public sex, three-ways, headaches and RedWings jerseys.

A funny thing happened to me today. I was at Meijers, which is a big, Wal-mart style store which stays open 24 hours a day. I went there to pick up a few things: something for my vertigo which is causing me to fall over and ultimately hit my head, a bottle of whisky to help the head pain stop and some cigarettes since my headaches are getting so bad I had to get something to quell the ache down. Chantix seemed to have stop the cravings, but was giving me some serious side effects. Bad enough I had to stop taking the stuff…

At the store, I was looking for something to help with the vertigo and inner-ear issues when a couple came up to me looking for something and it was clear they didn’t know where their item was. I politely asked if I could help and they said they were looking for condoms. I told them they were over by the tampons and lady products and they came back a few moments later and said they still didn’t know where they were. So I took them over to where condoms were and grabbed a box of Trojan Magnums; my normal brand and said “here, is this what you’re looking for?”

“Yes,” the woman looked up at me and looked over to the man she was with, a mid 40’s balding man and added, “but not his size.”
“Will you have a three-way with us?” the man asked me.
“Sorry,” I said, “I’m married and besides, I enjoy licking…” winking at the woman in a RedWings jersey.
“That’s fine by me!” she said and her boyfriend/husband nodded.
“Sorry,” I said again, “Im married and have twins at home…”
“Lucky girl,” the woman said looking over at her boyfriend, “He usually falls asleep during it anyways. Besides,” she held up the box of Magnums, “licking can’t be the only thing you’re good at.”

I smiled and walked away.

Damn headache and guilty conscience.



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