Writing update

I finished the third draft of the short story and sent it over to my editor to go over it once more before I start working on making it and ebook and throw it on smash words, amazon, and iBooks. Which reminds me, I need to learn how to do all that crap.

Someone should make a book on how to publish a book. I’m sure there’s tons out there, but not for normal users (or cheap people like me.)

Maybe I’ll do that next: how to make, publish, do cover art, blah blah blah and throw it up there for free.

I know, one day I’ll get around to writing something I can sell. Part of me doesn’t want that day to come so that I can keep writing what I want, but bills and family need money, so I’ll have to come up with something sellable soonish.

Too many ideas, not enough time.

And nanowrimo in a month…sheesh. When am I going to sleep?


P.s. I stopped taking chantix yesterday due to some serious side effects like bloody teeth and the trots all weekend, but I’m going to still stop smoking. I only had three cigarettes all day. Yay me.



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