Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow

Have you ever laid here, well, not here per say, trying to calm the brain down enough to fall asleep and wonder why certain things become popular over others?

For example: most painters die poor. Maybe they’re not painting the proper houses or are terrible marketers, but it’s true.

I think that’s what scares me the most about writing-I can do it as a hobby, something I enjoy, but I doubt I’ll ever be the 1% who actually make a living wage from writing. One, because I’m terrible at marketing and two, as soon as someone wants me to do something I’m not comfortable with, I quit.

Granted, I have my own demons to battle, but I want nothing more than someone to write or walk up to me and tell me they enjoyed my work. It’s pretty much it: I want to be appreciated.

Enough rambling, head is throbbing and I need to get to sleep.



2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow

  1. I agree Dr Chris. I want to be recognised as a great writer, better than Stephen King. But yet, i’m scared of fame and what my parents will think, so I hide behind a fake name. But its still me, just a different version I let the world see. Like I let the world see Jekyll but not Hyde.

    I put one of my short stories on my blog if you want to read it and tell me what you think and i’ll do the same for you if you want.

    Cheers 🙂

    • In your case, I would use a pseudonym to write under. You mentioned Steven King – His first attempt at writing was done under the guise of Richard Bachman. I know writers who use different names to write in different genre’s as well. One might be horror, than young adult, and then romance… same person writes them all under three different names.

      I’m going to read your short story soon, I’m still editing the last short story I wrote..

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