Two and a Half Men Roast

I watched the new two and a half men with Ashton Kutcher, and I also watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen.

Why, you ask?

I enjoyed both, although I’m not sure Ashton can keep the show interesting. Charlie didn’t own the show by himself, it was the chemistry he had with Jake and Rose and everyone else which made it watchable. Asthon has an uphill battle ahead of him and it seemed this episode was more about him being naked than anything else.

The roast was funny, except I’m not sure why Steve-O and Mike Tyson were there. The Amy chick I believe had the best jokes, but no one knew who she is.

My u-verse box cut out as charlie was talking about “already won,” so I’m sure I didn’t miss anything spectacular.

I also finished editing the short story, it has a name and ill see if gabi can take a picture or something for a cover and ill throw it on amazon. I want people to pirate it, just not sure how to do it.



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