Sexy update

I’ve been on Chantex for over a week now and I can already feel a difference. I don’t feel like I need to smoke and when I go outside to have a cigarette, I only end up smoking half of it. Unless I’m trying to type on this new blackberry, which ill get to in a moment, then the cigarette becomes something I’m holding onto and not smoking. So far, I feel confident I can stop the smoking at the end of the month.

I’m writing news, I haven’t finished my short story yet, I still have one more section to go and its the biggie: the ending. I had planned on finishing it this weekend and using next week to edit, but I haven’t had a chance to sit in front of a computer to do anything. Ill update more when I have more information.

In other news, work gave me a blackberry 9930 bold from verizon, which is a nice phone, I need to learn all the newer features and how to configure it all for my users… Its similar to other blackberries with the exception of a high-def camera and touch screen, but other than those, anyone who’s ever used a blackberry will feel comfortable with the new 9930.

Time to go back in… Son is watching ninja warrior and I don’t want him to start scaling the walls with his cast-again.



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