How Tallant got his groove back

I sat down tonight giving myself one to two different options: write a significant piece to one of the many little bits or ideas I already have started or play Team Fortress 2. I looked over the ideas and didn’t get any warm or fuzzy feelings, so I took steam and signed up for tf2, with my friends all playing on full servers.

I ditched scrivener (which might be the main cause to my writers block to begin with) and opened Microsoft Word, and took a simple idea about a guy who knows his own future and started typing, putting myself in the place of the main character and pounded out 3000 solid words in the beginning of the short story which pre-cut will have 10000 words.

To me, that’s not too bad for two hours. I’m sure the Makers Mark 49 helped (thanks Heather and Mike) and look forward to finding out how this story goes.

My thought or plan is to write a handful of short stories between editing of the big novels to get them out there on amazon for free as an advertisement type way of getting my name out. I can see from stats no one reads this cheesy blog, but it helps me emotionally to do it so I plan on keeping it going.

Anyway, I’m on a 3000 word high, so I hope I can get to bed. That’s my goal anyway. Night ya’ll!



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