What a day…

Christopher had his giant orange cast removed, the pin pulled out and a temporary cast he’ll only have to wear for three weeks. I went back to the urologist for my semen count since the vasectomy and will know the results in a week or so. I’ve had a headache the size of Tigers Stadium for the past twelve hours and nothing seems to touch it and to top things off, Dek won’t go to sleep.

In case you don’t wish to read that far back, I have four kids; two by my first wife pattie (Chris and gabi) and twin babies by my second wife marissa (Dek and Cole ).

I’m still trying to stop smoking, so the doctor gave me a med to help, which I can’t think of the name of at the moment, but it doesn’t seem to be working yet. So far, it’s only given me diareah and this damn migraine.

I also think I figured out a way to get out my writing slump…I’m going to try writing the same storyline as before, only from a different perspective and without using scrivener since I’m not sure it’s helping as much as I’d like it to help. It’s great for planning ideas and writing in small chunks, but when I sit down and pound out 3,000 words, I’d rather know where they all went, instead of where to put them. I’ll figure out the order of plot and stuff later. Brain dump should be just that: a brain dump.

Anyways, off to try to get my head to stop yelling at me. Wish me luck.


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