My biggest worry about being a writer is one simple question: how many stories are out there, or I should preface it with how many stories have been writtwn about the same subject, only told in different ways? Obviously fantasy stories have the luxury of creating new worlds – same with sci-fi, but isn’t the premise all the same?

When you get down to the basic theme of the book or story, aren’t they all categorized under familiar topics? I guess the same can go for music or any artistic medium…everything falls under common topics.

Kind of sad if you think about it. And even more sad when a new writer like myself who tries to be different can’t break out of the mold of stereotypical story formula topics.

Man saves world…ect.

Just disheartening if you look at the bigger picture.

But at the same time, it does make it easier to concentrate on a new way of telling a story rather than coming up with a new topic to write about…

Random thought of the evening.



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