Damn the mind

Last night, as I drifted off into a deep medicinal-induced slumber I came up with a brilliant idea for a sci fi story. I created a world where the vantage point unraveled itself from three different characters; each with their own deeply distubing internal conflicts which eventually would intertwine as the story unfolded.

I should have grabbed a phone and typed the idea out because other than what I just wrote, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking about.

Tip of the day: write ideas down, even if they may inconvenience you at the moment or make you move from your comfy spot. Hell, even if they suck ass in the morning, just write them down.

I also picked up some classic cyberpunk novels from the library to get a better feel of the format before I start book 2 again. I mentioned before how I want to put it on the backburner and let it fester and marinate before I take another shot at writing more of the story.

Anyways, night time for me, toodles!


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