First week…

I started my new job monday at the rencen and I have to admit I still feel like the new kid at a prep school. The customers I support make more money than I can even pretend to imagine having in my checking account. That fact alone scares the hell out of me. Technically, I don’t doubt my fixing abilities, but when a single customer has more power than most members of the US congress, I must. admit it is intimidating. Wifey tells me its all in my head, and she’s probably right. I think my anxiety is mostly self caused. Ill have to wait and see how week two ends to have a better grasp on the new position.

Writing, I haven’t done much. I’ve decided to put “book two” on the back-burner and concentrate on something else – either another book or a novella of some type entirely. For some strange reason, I can’t get into the characters’ heads the same way I did in “book one,” so I’d like to try a different path or possible genre and start fresh, leaving book two for a later time to finish. I do have other decent book ideas and I want to try the writing method Steven King talks about in “On Writing” and write it all out beforehand instead of pre-planning the entirety of the book first.

I’m also writing this post on my new blackberry bold which I haven’t mastered as of yet, so if there’s blatant glaring errors, please forgive me.

Its well past midnight, so I better get inside and go to bed. Although I must admit its nice to sit and write outside with nature singing and chirping around me.



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