My Bitch about “The Craft.”

When authors talk about “the craft,” the first thing that pops into my mind is a terrible 1990’s movie about gorgeous teenage witches.  To me, a craft is something artistic one makes.  In that aspect, creating a book is therefore creating a craft.  What bothers me more is when authors who have done writing as a job for many years consider the writing itself as “Craft.”


Of course it’s A craft, but why call it THE craft.  Don’t people who make clothes pin magnets into small animals consider that a craft?

The reason I bring this up, is an interview I was listening to on a podcast and the interviewed stated the three rules of successful writing are:

1. Talent and/or Creativity

2. Personality

3.  Knowledge of the Craft.


First off, I AM talent.  It’s my last freakin’ name for Christs’sake!  It’s not a pen name either, I’m Christopher Tallant and can prove it.  And personality?  Why would anyone need personality to write a book?  That doesn’t make sense to me at all.  Observant, fine.  Personable?  Bullshit.  You’re not running for public office and you don’t need to kiss any babies to write something.

But the one that still gets me and makes my spine contract into spasms is “The Craft.”  Not only the craft, but Knowledge of the craft.

I say this about “The Craft.”  Go back to being a shitty movie about teenage witches and let me keep writing.  If I want to call writing “Sperm” will anyone care?  I’ll give an interview in 5 years after a few years and credit “Sperm” for my writing prose.


Craft should be left for Beer.  Not writing.  Is writing a craft?  Yes, but it’s not THE craft.  I can craft a nice doily tablecloth.

I’m sure I’ll piss someone off, but now my give a shit is out.



2 thoughts on “My Bitch about “The Craft.”

  1. I would just have to poitn out in your above blog, when you are speaking about talent and you are Tallant, by the same logic, would that mean when you said for Christssake did that mean for your own sake or that you are actually a talented christ or perhaps that you are you (Christ) are the true definition of talent (Tallant)?

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