Word Count…

I’ve read in many different author’s blogs and “how-to” books that a common goal for a daily writing task is around 2,000 words.  Any more, and it more of a hit if the writing ends up being crap, any less and you will take a year to finish a short story.  I understand all that goodness, but do the authors themselves end up counting the words they use on other media?  For example, I wrote a review for WidescreenWarrior which was around 800 words.  Can I use those 800 words towards my daily word count or is only 2,000 words on the main project?

Due to work, scrivener and Book 2 haven’t seen daylight today.  I’m calling it “Book 2” since I suck at naming things, such as “Book 1” is the first novel I wrote last month and is going through my alpha readers before I start doing hard editing on the project.

Also, due to the amount of small children at home, I doubt I’ll be able to write anything as well.  Which is why I’m writing this while eating something since I still have a bit of work to do here at “real job” before I’m supposed to go home.

This post is 200 words, so I guess if I count total word count, I made it to 1000 in reviews and blog posts…lol.



2 thoughts on “Word Count…

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