Unexpected Benefits.

Writing more created two distinct benefits I did not expect to happen to me; three if you count feeling better in general and the hapiness one gets from completing a project. 

First benefit is reading.  I’ve always enjoyed reading, now I read and notice the small details each author puts into their work.  I’ve been reading more “how to write” books and similar works of writing prose and grammer.  I currently have a few hundred different books in my “pile of shame” which are books I want to read and I believe the pile will probably grow at a greater rate than I’m able to keep up with.

Second benefit, although benefit might be the wrong word since its more annoying, however as I read, I also notice errors and mistakes people make while writing.  When I write articles for widescreen, I usually read similar articles on specific games since I want to make sure I agree with what the major points of the games are.  Many writers online are guilty of the same early mistakes I made when I first started.

Good thing I’m not about to tell you what these errors are, since I would ruin your enjoyment of reading!

Time to lay a baby down to sleep before the other one wakes up…



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